Bring your brainstorming sessions to the next level

Previously used in communication agencies, brainstorming sessions have recently spread across all industries to encourage the emergence of new ideas and increase creativity and motivation among employees.

Are you planning brainstorming sessions any time soon?

Keep in mind that during a brainstorming session, all new ideas are welcome. There is no magic recipe to make your session a success, but here are a few tips to put you on the right track :

  • Communicate in advance your brainstorming session
    It’s important to let participants know the main theme/topic a few days ahead. Your employees will have the time to think about it and prepare their ideas and interventions.
  • Take enough time to prepare your session
    Usually, you will need one day to prepare this event. Think about the supplies you will need (notepads, markers, sticky notes). The duration of the session should last between 45 minutes and 1h30 max.
  • Set some rules
    You should set some rules (conduct, speaking and general organization) and they must be remembered before the session starts.
  • Manage your team during brainstorming
    Intervene last to restart the debate by citing new ideas. Ask your colleagues to think of new suggestions from the main ideas that emerged.
  • Inform your team of the results of the sessions
    can be used in a future meeting must be communicated in a report or debrief meeting.

For an effective brainstorming session, choosing an inspiring place is a must!

It is crucial to choose an original space, outside your workplace. A nice and bright space will increase creativity and new ideas. The type of design, equipment and layout of the space are important elements that will put your team in a good mood.

A few existing brainstorming methods:

  • Let imagination run wild
    Each participant has a limited time to think on their own and write each idea on a different post-it.
  • Think in a circle
    Arrange participants in a circle. Once the subject is exposed to everyone, each person takes turns providing a new idea until the completion of a full round.
  • Asking questions
    Each participant asks a maximum number of questions about the subject. This method will ensure that all aspects of a project have been evaluated before its execution.

To conclude, take a look at these perfect private spaces available for upcoming brainstorming sessions:

  1. LivArt, Plateau Mont-Royal
  2. Réunion D Sens, Downtown
  3. Crew Collective Cafe, Old Port
  4. Code & Café, Plateau Mont-Royal
  5. La Dépendance, Plateau Mont-Royal


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