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PY1 pyramid: all you need to know

A taste of Egypt and futurism took place at the Clock Tower Pier in Old Port Montreal!

Located near the well known Cirque du Soleil, a pyramid stands out and brings a totally new type of entertainment!

Created by the iconic Guy Laliberté and the Red Moon Entertainment team, the PY1 pyramid is a new place featuring art, music and technology to showcase multi-sensory shows and live immersive experiences.
In a society where technology tends to isolate or divide us, the technologies used in this innovative concept are made to gather and connect the public.

Pyramid PY1 offers 2 types of experiences


During the day, a multimedia show « Through the Echoes «  is accessible to all audiences and ideal for a summer family activity. For 60 minutes, you dive into a technological odyssey and travel through space and time.

At dusk, from 10pm, it’s time for festive themed evenings (Reserved for 18+)! Dive here in the heart of various immersive worlds combining visual and electronic music played by local DJs. Plus, if you love to dress up, take advantage of it to adjust your wardrobe according to the theme!


List of PY1 Nights:

  • Underworld: as the Day of Illumination approaches, the tribes of Underworld gather.
  • Candy World: a world of innocent adventure that gradually evolves into a kaleidoscope of sweet psychedelia.
  • Astral Plane: discover the cosmos and embark on an adventure, surf on clouds of stardust and commune with the great shamans of antiquity.
  • SCI – Matic: a world of scientific codes, programmable futures and minimalistic geometry. Here, sound takes physical shape
  • Pop Discover: A celebration of urban art where graffiti comes to life and cartoon characters emerge from the landscape.
  •  Eye Wonder: A dazzling journey through time and space.  You will live the birth of the universe and sail through space, time and matter. 

These quotes by Guy Laliberté and director Gabriel Coutu-Dumont truly express the positive energy and ambition of this new event venue:

“PY1 has the power to become our cathedral for immersive collective experiences”

“Spectators are the main actors and are an integral part of this unique immersive experience”

We convinced you? Take a look at these restaurants near the pyramid!

Restaurant Ikanos

Plat restaurant Ikanos à Montréal

Restaurant Épik

Plat et terrasse du restaurant Epik

Restaurant Le Hambar

Plat et terrasse du restaurant Hambar

Le Pub Saint-Paul

Plat et salle principale du Pub Saint-Paul

Maison St-Paul

Plat et salle principale de la Maison St-Paul

These restaurants will fill you up and give you all the energy you need to escape into these immersive experiences!

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